web-comics: some thoughts


My ipad was stolen last year. Luckily, my lovely husband bought me a new one this Christmas. I didn’t realize how much I missed being able to read web-comics and e-books until now. While I prefer real books to e-books, I am starting to prefer web-comics to real ones. It’s a tough transition, and I remember having similar feelings when digital cameras became all the rage, I suppose I am an antiquarian in that regard.

I have a love-hate relationship with comics. As an aside, I am more of a dabbler into comic-collecting and not a hard-core collector. I am a fast reader and often don’t feel like I got my money’s worth from a $3-5 dollar comic when I can read it in 5 minutes. Also storing comics is a problem. They take up too much room in my small house. I spent time organizing my comics and filing them in comic boxes, many of which are sitting up in my attic untouched for years. I don’t want to throw them away but I haven’t felt like reading any of them in a long time. My kids got into some of them and now I have more than a few comics that are wrinkled, torn, and cover-less (sorry Little Gloomy). The collector in my internally shrieks, but the pragmatic-self is happy they are being enjoyed.

I first started going to comic stores in the 1990’s, a time when alternative comics and small press comics were on the rise. I spent much of the mid-2000’s working in a comic store and was able to read comics to my heart’s content, although noted that non-superhero comics were on the decline. Lately, when I head to a comic book store I see less and less on the shelf as the store itself is expanding its non-comic merchandise. It is rare that I see anything I like (exceptions being Hack/slash, Knights of the Dinner Table, and EC-style horror comics). However space and storage is a consideration for me when I decide to buy a new comic.

Enter web comics. This has been a thing for a while but I never felt like reading comics on a clunky computer. I think web comics are becoming more prominent now that almost everyone in a first world-country has some type of hand-held electronic reading device. I don’t think that paper comics will go away any time soon due to the collector aspect, but I think that web comics are great because anyone that want to make a comic can get it out there to readers.

There are many good Lovecraftian web-comics out there. I’ve been searching the internet looking for some that I used to read and seeing if there are any new ones out there.

I’m excited to support a Kickstarter project for a Lovecraftian web comic: Wart- a cosmic horror comic.

Speaking of Kickstarter, Lovecraftian Science has a kick starter to fund a formal collection of the author’s research: Lovecraftian Science: Volume one.

I missed out on this guy’s presentation at NecronomiCon in 2013, but I heard it was excellent. I’m hoping this project gets funded.

Next post I am hoping to discuss some Lovecraftian  web-comics that are currently out there. Any recommendations?

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