Complete Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe


This collection of Poe’s poetry and tales was published by Barnes and Noble in 2006. It is a beautiful book, and can be displayed proudly on any bibliophile’s bookshelf. The bonded leather book has a bound satin ribbon bookmark and silver gilding on the edges. It has a sturdy cloth binding and the pages lay nicely when reading.

Comparing the table of contents to the chronological list of poems and stories on the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore site, most of Poe stories and Poems are included and are presented in mostly chronological order.

I compared the table of contents  with a chronological list of Poe’s poems and stories that is found  on The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore website. So this collection might be better named “mostly complete.”  In addition, the chronology of the tales can be questions, and differ at times from the  what is found on the EAP Society’s website. Some of Poe’s tales were renamed and republished at different times. This collection uses that later names of the tales as opposed to the earlier names.

Missing Poems:image

  • An Achrostic
  • Spiritual Song
  • May Queen Ode
  • Epigram for wall st
  • Divine right of kings
  • Model verses
  • Beloved physician
  • Lines of ale- (questionably Poe’s)

Missing Stories

  • Journal of Julius Rodman
  • The Lighthouse

The book includes an introduction by Dawn B. Sova, author of Edgar Allan Poe, A-Z. The introduction includes a brief biography of EAP and provides some commentary on his works and his place in history.

I would have enjoyed a forward to each story, as was found in HP Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction. However it was nice to have the stories presented in chronological order

While Poe’s stories are in the public domain and can be downloaded for free on one’s electronic reading device, it is nice to have the collected tales in a hardback volume for a reasonable price.

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3 thoughts on “Complete Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

  1. I own a similar book (not leather bound). The large volumes tend to contain poems/ stories, which are not well known. Some of Poe’s stories are difficult to read, but I don’t mind the challenge.

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  2. Yes, there were quite a few stories I’ve never read before in this book. It also includes Eureka, his nonfiction tale, which I have been wanting to read. It’s surprising how many non-horror tales he wrote. And yeah, poe often spends a long time getting to the point in his tales!


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