3 thoughts on “Mundania

  1. Rob Naper

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou for running the Call of Catthulhu game I played in. That was fun! I’ve checked it out since then and found it quite bit scarier than I’d like. (I scare very easily. If here’s a picture of a spider in a book I turn the page—fast.) So, if given the opportunity to play it again, I think I will. I just don’t want to see much.

    I’m really hoping to go again next year, if here is one. But there’s a mega-huge plot twist here: in mid-August there’s going to be a total eclipse of the sun sweeping all across the continent. I live right next to Boston and closest part of the eclipse is about seven states south of here. So I need to decide between a wicked fun social scene that’s four days long…or go a bunch of states south and stay overnight >somewhere< there to see something that's—more or less—a once-on-a-lifetime event, and which, if memory serves, can't last more than seven minutes.

    Sorry. Got carried away. Mostly I want to thank you for running that Call of Catthulhu game. I still tell people about it once in while.

    Thank you, again.

    Laugh Long and Prosper,
    Rob Naper,
    Everett, Mass.


    1. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! Running games is always a little scary and one never knows how the audience will like it. Glad you had fun 😸

      That’s a tough call!! To decide on what to do, just ask yourself, what would lovecraft do? I have a feeling he would travel far to see a once in a lifetime astronomy event. It would be too crowded for him at necro 😉 On the other hand, the con is veeery fun! And you don’t want to burn your eyes out looking at an eclipse! And..that’s a long drive for 7 minutes!!

      Let me know what you decide.

      Thanks for your comment and take care!!


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