Red Equinox Audible Review

red-equinoxRed Equinox has received praise as a must-read for Lovecraft fans; and it is! Now you have a chance to listen to it, too. Even though I have already read this book, I was excited to listen to the audio-book. I really enjoyed revisiting the characters in this story, and reading the book beforehand only enhanced the experience of listening to it.

At first I was taken aback by the narrator. She has a perky, upbeat voice and I wasn’t sure how a voice like that would do with a horror/ weird fiction tale. However, her style grew on me. Her vocal characterizations made each character sound unique, so there was no trouble differentiating them during dialogue sections. She did a great job capturing their personalities through voice.

The story itself translates very well to spoken word. It was about ten hours long. I have a long, boring commute to and from work, and listening to this made my commute way more enjoyable. The pacing works well for audio, and I found myself paying close attention, even though I already knew what was going to happen.

The quality of the recording was very crisp and clear as well. There are no sound effects or background music, but it really wasn’t necessary. Overall I would highly recommend this audio book to any Lovecraft fan, and those who enjoy horror and weird fiction.

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