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Booksales and Lovecraftian Haikus

HPL Memorial

HP Lovecraft memorial

In only a few months it will be time to return to Providence to visit the haunts of my favorite author. In the meantime I plan on spending the long, cold winter nights sipping tea and reading some Mythos and other weird fiction. The Lovecraft Ezine had a great holiday sale and I picked up 20 ebooks for $20. While I still prefer to read real paper books, ebooks are quite convenient and make it easier to get a hold of works that I may not have otherwise.

Now I just need to find the time to read everything. So far I read 101 Cthulhu Mythos Haiku by Marcus R. Gilman. It was a quick read and I finished the book in less than 10 minutes. I liked  figuring out which stories or creatures each haiku is referring to.  HPL’s tales are a bit verbose and heavy on the adjectives so artistically summarizing a Lovecraft story into a 17 syllable haiku must have been no easy task. Many of the haikus are somber and attempt to capture the feel of the stories. Some are a little silly, and I enjoyed those in particular,for instance:

A cheap place to sleep

Strange-angled room brings weird dreams

The rat-thing scuttles

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