Signalz by F Paul Wilson

"It will begin in the heavens and end in the Earth" Signalz is the newest addition to the Adversary cycle. It can be read as a stand-alone novel but is a prequel to Nightworld, the sixth book of the series. I really enjoyed this book, which falls into the horror and dark fantasy genre. Its …

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Out of Body by Jeffrey Ford

Out of Body By Jeffery Ford. Published May, 2020 by Tor Publishing Out of Body is a solid, fast-paced tale that delivers an imaginative and satisfying piece of dark fantasy with a sprinkling of horror. It’s a quick read at 176 pages. The protagonist is a small-town librarian named Owen whose quiet, lonely life quickly …

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Title: Subject 11 Author: Jeffery Thomas Date published: 2014 Category: weird fiction, horror What if the Jersey Shore/reality tv met the Stanford prison experiment and had a deformed mutant baby? The result would be Subject 11. Ten subjects are recruited for a mysterious test in which they have to live in an abandoned building. An …

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Smoke and Dagger

Title: Smoke and Dagger: A Spectra Files Prequel Author: Douglas Wynne Format: audiobook Narrator: Matthew Cohn Date Published: 11-7-2019 Category: weird fiction, small press,Lovecraftian, horror, audiobook Smoke and Dagger: A SPECTRA Files Prequel by Douglas Wynne and narrated by Matthew Cohn is 4 hours and twenty minutes of pulp Cthulhu Mythos action. Matthew Cohn is an NYC actor …

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Book review: Sing Me Your Scars

Title: Sing Me Your Scars Author: Damien Angelica Walters Publisher: Apex Publications Date Published: 2015 Category: weird fiction, small press, female authors, short stories, horror I haven’t felt this way about a collection of short stories since I read Thomas Ligotti’s Songs of a Dead Dreamer. Walters’s collection of short stories is haunting, creepy, and …

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Book Review: Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties

Subtle is a good adjective to describe the tales in Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties, a collection of short British ghost stories by Jan Edwards. Haunting, romantic, timeless, sad, and eerie: these are all adjectives that come to mind when I read this. In each tale, I felt like I was dropped into the middle of someone’s life and had to figure out what was going on along with the character. The foreshadowing in each story was superb, enough to make me want to find out more, but secretive enough to give the endings a surprise twist. There is really nothing bad to say about this book at all. These are ghost stories you can sink your teeth into!

The Lovely Ladies of Supernatural Horror in Literature

In honor of Women in Horror month, let's celebrate the pioneers of weird fiction and Gothic horror! Many of these early works are in the public domain and can be read for free. I have provided links when available. I was rereading Supernatural Horror in Literature, and I was surprised by the amount of female …

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Book review: A Season in Carcosa

A Season in Carcosa (Miskatonic River Press, 2012), edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr, is a collection of 22 short stories that are based on Robert Chamber’s King in Yellow mythos.  The request to potential contributors of this collection stated: “No reprints. No HPL anything…This is a book about madness, altered realities, splintered minds, and …

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NecronomiCon Providence – tickets on sale 6th Feb

Very excited for this! Thankfully reserved a room at the Biltmore already.

TENTACLII : H.P. Lovecraft blog

Highlights from the latest NecronomiCon Providence 2015 news…

* “Convention passes (all levels) on sale 6th February 2015”, from 12 noon Eastern Daylight Time.

* “Most of the convention programming will take place at the Biltmore and Omni hotels, but there will be numerous satellite venues hosting external programming.”

* During the Convention… “a comprehensive collection of correspondence between Lovecraft and many of his friends and penpals on display at the gorgeously renovated John Hay Library at Brown University.”

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