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Red Equinox Audible Review

red-equinoxRed Equinox has received praise as a must-read for Lovecraft fans; and it is! Now you have a chance to listen to it, too. Even though I have already read this book, I was excited to listen to the audio-book. I really enjoyed revisiting the characters in this story, and reading the book beforehand only enhanced the experience of listening to it. Continue reading

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Book Review: The Antarctic Express

Title: The Antarctic Express

Author: Kenneth Hite & Christina Rodriguez

Publisher: Trident Inc., : Atlas Games

Date Published: 2009

Category: parody, Lovecraftian, children’s

The Antarctic Express is a children’s parody book combining the Polar Express with the Mountains of Madness. I have mixed feelings about these kinds of parodies, generally aimed at adults who think it’s silly to make the Lovecraft Mythos into something cute and cuddly. However, this book won me over.

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Out of the Woods book review

out of the woods

Title: Out of the Woods

Author: William D Carl

Publisher: Post Mortem Press

Date Published: 2015

Category: horror, Lovecraftian, gore,

This is a fast-paced Lovecraftian horror story. I breezed through it in two sittings.  The book is heavy on action and gore and has a little psychological horror thrown in. The story line is simple and includes some familiar horror tropes: an abandoned mental institution with dangerous patients and inbred backwoods cultist freaks. I found the book a fresh take on these commonly used tropes.

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Book Review: The Atrocity Archives (Laundry Files Book 1)

atrocity archives

Title: The Atrocity Archives (Laundry Files Book 1)

Author: Charles Stross audiobook: narrated by Gideon Emery

Category: horror, science fiction, spy thriller, Lovecraftian

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Book Review: Nick Nightmare Investigates

nick nightmareTitle: Nick Nightmare Investigates

Author: Adrian Cole

Publisher: Alchemy Press with Airgedlámh Publications

Date published: September 6th, 2014

Category: Weird fiction, short stories, detective, modern pulp, Lovecraftian, cthulhu mythos

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Elder Sign End Times Trilogy Book 1: Arkham

elder sign stanfield

Elder Sign End Times Trilogy Book 1: Arkham by Jennifer Stanfield is a young adult fantasy/horror story. The book is 268 pages and was self-published with Smashwords in December, 2014. Three 19-year old survivors cope with life in a post-apocalyptic world. The fabled beast, dread Cthulhu, has risen and the world as we know has ended. A young adult novel set in a Lovecraftian universe is an unusual combination, but the author makes it work. The story was very readable, and I enjoyed it from start to finish.

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The Dystopian World of Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror from IMDB

I just binge watched both seasons of this on Netflix yesterday. Each season is only three episodes, so I didn’t feel too guilty. I don’t think I have been as hooked on a TV show since Game of Thrones.

Black Mirror is British series that has been compared to a modern-day Twilight Zone. I love the Twilight Zone so this is right up my alley. The twist is that all of the episodes feature technology we may have in the near future, or even have now. This makes the story lines follow a “new technology is evil/science is bad” trope. However, the technology itself is not the issue. The story lines revolve around human nature and how we humans twist these technologies to our own base devices. In the show the technology is just there. The focus is not on developing the technology or destroying it, but an individual’s personal experience with it and society.

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