Book Review: The Antarctic Express

Title: The Antarctic Express Author: Kenneth Hite & Christina Rodriguez Publisher: Trident Inc., : Atlas Games Date Published: 2009 Category: parody, Lovecraftian, children’s The Antarctic Express is a children’s parody book combining the Polar Express with the Mountains of Madness. I have mixed feelings about these kinds of parodies, generally aimed at adults who think …

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Book review: The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers

Lovecraft states in Supernatural Horror in Literature, “The King in Yellow, a series of vaguely connected short stories having as a background a monstrous and suppressed book whose perusal brings fright, madness, and spectral tragedy, really achieves notable heights in cosmic fear in spite of uneven interest and a somewhat trivial and affected cultivation of the Gallic studio atmosphere made popular by Du Maurier’s Trilby."